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Getting started with web development in 2018 is hard. The list of languages, frameworks, and tools to learn seems endless. Learning in a silo without feedback, guidance, or support makes things even harder.

Hi. This is me.

Who am I?

I'm Jared Hanstra. I'm a self-taught front-end web developer and software engineer currently working at Fjord in Austin, TX. I've worked at Epic, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Fuel Made, wearing a variety of hats. I have a background in mathematics. Everything I know about web development, I scraped together from Youtube videos, online tutorials, meetups, and on-the-job training after I landed my first front-end job. Learning on my own was a cost-effective way to land a job in web development, but it was far from time-effective. I lost countless hours confused about what I was learning and why I was learning it. And countless more hours completely stuck trying to debug what was invariably a trivial syntax error or an error due to a fundamental gap in understanding. Until my job at UW, I didn't have anyone to go to for help. It was at times incredibly frustrating.

How can I help you?

I want to be for you what I wish I had when I was learning. No matter where you are on your programming journey or what your goal is, my aim is to be available for help, advice, code review, and most importantly, direction and guidance. I will help you navigate the world of front-end development and be your antidote for so-called "javascript fatigue". If you don't know what to learn or where to find resources, I will work with you to develop a road map to achieve your goals.

I am dedicated to helping you succeed.

How does it work?

1-1 Meetings

You'll meet with me one-on-one anytime during the month for time slots as short as 10 minutes or as long as 2 hours. We can work on whatever you need help with at the time, or learn something new. Everything we do will be personalized to your learning style and where you're at in your learning.

To make best use of your time, I'll expect most of your learning to be done on your own. To really succeed, you'll need to own your education. I will be your mentor, but I cannot learn for you. Our meetings will be valuable time for you to ask questions, get unstuck if you're stuck, gauge where you can improve, and clarify misconceptions.

I am most able to help with the topics listed above, although there are many more areas I may be able to help with. When in doubt, just ask.

Github Code Review

Every week, I will spend 15-30 minutes reviewing any projects, tutorials, or coding exercises you'd like me to review on Github. The code must be publicly-accessible, and must not be associated with an employer (freelance work may be okay). I will leave comments and suggestions about syntax, code structure, glaring bugs and errors, better ways of doing things, etc.


Join the JH Mentoring Slack channel to connect with myself and other students.

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Convenient buckets of time per month


1 hr + code review


2 hrs + code review


4 hrs + code review


8 hrs + code review

Pay month to month. No obligation, cancel or pause anytime.

The FAQs

What will we use to meet?

I'm open to using any video chat platform, though I've found Appear.in to be the best and easiest platform to use.

What if technology doesn't cooperate?

Technology can be brittle. If bandwidth constraints prove too cumbersome (more than the occasional glitch), we'll reschedule our meeting and you will not be charged for the time spent battling technology. If it continues to be a problem, we may need to cancel the mentorship.

What if I can't help you with a particular problem or subject?

If a topic is out of my area of expertise, I will let you know as soon as possible and point you to any resources I can. I am very sensitive of your time and do not want to waste it if I won't be able to help.

Can I change my plan?

Of course. Just let me know. If you would like to set up a custom plan outside of the ones above, we can do that too.

How does scheduling work?

I'm working on a scheduler you'll be able to use to see open time slots and schedule automatically. Until then, we can communicate via slack or email. You can schedule any increment of 10-minute chunks up to 2 hours (e.g. 20 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, etc.). Stick to a schedule or book times whenever you need them.

How does payment work?

Payment for the first month will happen before our first meeting, and on the same date every month thereafter. I accept payment through Venmo, Paypal, Square Cash, and good old check-by-mail. I also accept bitcoin and nano.

Do you mentor in-person?

Are you in Austin? Then yes! I would love to meet in-person.

What if I don't use all of my hours?

If you don't use all of your time in a given month, you can rollover your leftover time to the following month. Limit one month of rollover please, but you can always pause or change your plan if you're repeatedly not using all your time.

Who do you mentor?

I welcome students of all ages and abilities, whether you're completely new to web development or have previous experience. The only pre-requisite is a desire and drive to learn.

Will your rates ever change?

They may, but you will always retain the rate you signed up with. Or the new rate, whichever is lower.

Can I cancel a meeting?

In order to plan my days better and allow other students to schedule with me, I require 24-hour notice for cancellations. Excessive cancellations may result in ending mentorship.

What if I'm not satisfied?

If it's not a good fit after the first hour of meetings, I will refund you 100%, no questions asked.

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