8 Months in a Van

· 16 min readTravel, Personal

I’ve been living out of a van for 8 months now, exploring the United States and working remotely. The following is a haphazard collection of thoughts, reflections, lessons learned, recommendations, and useful information from my time on the road.…


· 21 min readIdeas

Co is an ambitious idea I’ve been thinking about for several years. It combines many aspects of modern society and many personal interests of mine into a globally-distributed network of individuals who value community, learning, innovation, and…

Introducing Snipster

· 17 min readWeb Development

tl;dr: Snipster is a solution for dealing with the headaches of snippets management. It defines a simple, declarative format for snippets and lets you publish all of your snippets to all of your text editors with one command.

New Years

· 11 min readPersonal, Productivity

January 1st is flooded with promises and resolutions that for all but the most steadfast and determined of us (8%, supposedly) will be broken over and over again throughout the year. It’s easy to be cynical about new years resolutions, especially…

How to see Singapore in a day

· 3 min readJournal, Travel

Wake up early. You’re going to have a long, exciting day. Use the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) to get everywhere. It’s amazing. You can get anywhere in the country in 45 minutes or less for about ~$2. My math brain was geeking out at how efficient and…

The Role of Crowdsourcing in the Evolution of the Textbook

· 7 min readEssay, Education

The following is a paper I wrote in college for an Education & Entrepreneurship class in the fall of 2012.